Squantum Turkey Trot goes virtual for 2020

Hello, Squantumites. It’s a 2020-style holiday season this year, and as you might guess, the Turkey Trot is going virtual! Here’s how you can participate with a fun run of your own and still support the Squantum July Fourth Parade.

Annual Turkey Trot Fun Run/Walk
This year, you can pick any day to run your Turkey Trot! Run it on Thanksgiving Day…or any day you choose! Before you head out for your run, head over to the Squantum School on November 15 or 22 to pick up your T-Shirt and drop off your $20 donation for the July Fourth Parade.

Then head out for your run, snap some photos, and post them on Instagram with #squturkeytrot.

Donation drop off and T-Shirt pick up
Sunday, November 15 and Sunday, November 22
1:00 – 3:00 PM
Squantum School, 50 Huckins Ave, Squantum MA

Head over to the Squantum School with your $20 cash or check donation.
Make checks payable to: Squantum July 4th

T-shirts are limited this year but the committee also has shirts available from prior years.

All proceeds benefit the Squantum Fourth of July Parade.

We look forward to seeing your photos! Get out there and have some fun!


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