Squantum was once the seat of power for local Indians. Over the years it became a popular summer resort area, and was the site of many historical events and developments in the infancy of American aviation. The nearby airfield served as one of the first regional airports before its value as a military installation for naval aviation was established. The summer cottages eventually gave way to year-round homes after a permanent causeway was built to allow access for automobiles.

According to geologists, the Squantum area of Quincy is more than 250,000,000 years old and seems to be of glacial origin.

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Notable figures

Lotta Crabtree: Wikipedia entry

Squantum literature
The book, Squantum, in the State of Massachusetts, H. Hobart Holly (Editor), 1992, is out of print, but can be found for resale on Amazon and other online resources.

Squantum weather forecast
from Weather Underground

Where is Squantum?

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