Seaside Gardeners of Squantum

Contact: Pat McGilvray

The Seaside Gardeners of Squantum are engaged in environmental conservation, beautification, and civic projects. The club meets the second Wednesday of each month (except July and August) at 9:30 a.m. in the homes of members. Hosting a number of events throughout the year, the club welcomes all neighbors to attend. Anyone interested in joining the club is encouraged to contact Sandra for an application.

Club Meeting times
The Seaside Gardeners of Squantum meet the second Wednesday of each month in the homes of members. Anyone interested in joining the club is encouraged to contact us for an application.The club holds some monthly meetings in the evening. The evening meetings will begin at 6:15 p.m. and the daytime meetings will continue to start at 9:30 a.m.

Past events

Tree lighting, caroling, and treats!
November 2018
Gilbert Memorial Park, at the intersection of Huckins Avenue and East Squantum Street [map]

We kicked off the holiday season with the annual Tree Lighting following the Quincy Christmas Parade. Neighbors gathered at the triangle at Gilbert Memorial Park and for hot cocoa and delicious cookies provided by the Seaside Gardeners of Squantum. Folks joined in carol singing as we welcomed Santa Claus who did the honors of lighting up the tree!

A Faire for All Seasons, Craft Fair and lunch
November 2018

At the annual craft fair held at the Kennedy Center visitors found a great selection of gifts and items for the upcoming holiday season, including handmade goods, homemade baked goods, and books, as well as items at the Second Hand Rose table.

The Annual Plant Sale
The Club hosts a plant sale in May where folks can shop a fabulous selection of flowering plants, herbs and greens to inspire their gardens. A fabulous selection is available, including perennials nurtured by garden club members, and healthy tomato plants to enjoy all season. Garden Club members are on hand to provide tips and advice. All proceeds benefit community activities including the clean up and maintenance of the Squantum Causeway and scholarship funds

Getting Started Growing Edibles
April 2016
Jessie Banhazl, Director of Green City Growers, taught attendees how to utilize just about any available space to successfully grow vegetables and fruit, and how to get the most out of the New England growing season.


Beekeeping with Noah Wilson-Rich
March 2016
Local bee expert Noah Wilson-Rich imparted his wisdom on beekeeping with the hopes of encouraging bee love and bee health across our little peninsula. View his TedTalk to hear his passion for saving our fruits and veggies by keeping bees healthy right in our ‘hood. Read about his talk.


Project Coyote: promoting coexistence between people and wildlife
October 2014
Speaker Chris Schadler from Project Coyote shared information about how to live peacefully with coyotes and make your home less attractive to these regular visitors in our neighborhoods. Learn more about this event, Project Coyote, and speaker Chris Schadler.

Blue Star Memorial Marker

Blue Star Memorial Dedication ceremony
May 2014
The Seaside Gardeners of Squantum hosted a Blue Star By-Way Memorial Marker dedication ceremony at the Squantum Fire Station to honor the men and women who have served, are currently serving, or will serve in the Armed Forces of the United States. The Seaside Gardeners arranged to place a Blue Star Memorial By-Way plaque at the Squantum Fire Station to commemorate and honor these men and women. Learn more.

An Evening with author Thomas Mickey
October 2013
The Seaside Gardeners of Squantum hosted master gardener and communications professor Thomas Mickey who shared the story of how nineteenth century American seed and nursery catalogs sold us the English garden. Learn more about this event in our news post.

Seaside Gardeners celebrated spring at the Spring Tea
May 2013
C.L. Fornari, “The Garden Lady”, presented
Myths, Lies, and All the Latest Dirt
Learn more about the event

4 thoughts on “Seaside Gardeners of Squantum

  1. Hello,
    I just want to inquire about the signs along the causeway. I take care of one of the flower beds and noticed the sign (In Loving Memory of Phyllis and LeeAnn Ryan) along with some others, have been removed. Is someone else taking over the flower bed? Thank you.
    Lori Dow

    • Lori, thanks for your inquiry. Please rest assured that your bed has NOT been reassigned. Unfortunately, the recent rash of vandalism here in Squantum has found its way to the Causeway as well. As a result, the missing signs were either pulled out and thrown in the marsh or were stolen. This activity has been reported to the police. It is the Club’s hope to replace the signs in the Spring.

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