Squantum Playground Renovation Project

Contact: David Blaton
Email: blaton66@hotmail.com

The renovation is complete!
The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to officially open the playground was
Wednesday, October 22, 2014, 10am

A playground in need of loving care
The children’s playground, located in the Wendall Moses Playground on Standish Road behind the Squantum School, has undergone critical renovations to improve safety for the children running and playing in the park after decades of use caused a state of disrepair. The playground once again provides a place for children and families of Squantum to play, gather, relax, and enjoy the wonderful fresh air for many decades.

A group of concerned Squantum neighbors volunteered their time to explore options for the renovation of the park and guided the work with the support of the Squantum community and the City of Quincy. The renewed space once again invites families to visit on a sunny afternoon or a brisk fall day to create joyful memories of precious time spent together.

The project team, led by David Blaton, gathered the opinions and needs of playground visitors and community members. They proposed a renovation that focused on playground safety, as well as on preserving and enhancing the aesthetic appeal and comfort of the playground. Read about the renovations below.

Partnering with the City of Quincy

The project was fortunate to have the support of City Councillor Brian McNamee, who dedicated $40,000 to the park renovation. The City of Quincy also contributed labor hours to the project.

Spring 2013 – funding approved
On April 11, 2013 the Quincy Preservation Committee voted unanimously to approve funding for the project! They were impressed with the Squantum community support and the Squantum Playground Committee’s presentation of the proposal to renovate the playground. The Preservation Committee voted unanimously to accept our proposal and it is now moving forward to the Mayor’s office for final approval. This was a significant milestone for the project.

Spring 2014 – proposals in review
The City of Quincy evaluated bid proposals for the Playground work and anticipates having one contractor do all 5 phases of the work entailed. The bid for work has been posted in The Quincy Sun. The target completion date for the playground is mid-June 2014. The schedule should have a greater chance of success given that most of the wrinkles were worked out last Fall.

Summer/Fall 2014 – renovation underway
The Squantum Playground renovation was underway August – October 2014, with a ribbon cutting ceremony scheduled to mark the occasion on October 22, 2014 at 10am.

Thank you to everyone involved who helped make this project a reality!

Thanks for your support! 
We’re thrilled and humbled by the support our community showed for this great project.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Buy-a-Brick program. We’re looking forward to seeing all of your messages inscribed on bricks that will become a permanent part of the Squantum Playground walkway. To date, 125 bricks have been purchased and they are being stored at the City of Quincy, Public Works Department along with the new park benches.

And many thanks to everyone who came out in the pouring rain for our “Swing into Summer” event on June 7, 2013 at the Nickerson Post. We had a great time and are so thankful for the support our community showed for this project!

Donation opportunity: dedicate a park bench
Make a lasting memory by donating a park bench to be installed in the playground. A bench can be dedicated to your family, or dedicated to the memory of a loved one for a donation of $1,500. You may also donate an amount of your choice toward a “Friends of Squantum” bench. Contact Dave for more information.

Proposed renovations
While the needs and solutions are still being explored, some of the proposed renovations include:

  • Leveling the grade of the playground lot, improving safety for children as they walk and run
  • Removing safety hazards including protruding tree roots which cause tripping, and leveling depressions that fill with rainwater beneath swings and structures
  • Installing area drains to reduce puddling
  • Installing rubberized safety padding that provides a cushioned surface for children at key impact areas, such as beneath the monkey bars, and at the base of the slides
  • Reconditioning the lawn in and around the playground area
  • Providing additional seating with park benches
  • Creating a paved walkway around the playground perimeter, providing easy navigation for strollers and walkers of every age
  • Installing a new fence with three single gates and one double gate
  • Installing a community bulletin board

The upgrades will provide a much safer and friendlier environment for children and families.

With your critical support we can revitalize this neighborhood treasure.
With your help we can provide a place where children and neighbors can enjoy a beautiful playground that is safe, clean, and family friendly, and where neighbors can create wonderful memories.

Committee meetings:

Ideas posed in meetings included:

  1. Install posi locks on all gates to prevent children from accidentally leaving the playground.
  2. Make the playground handicap accessible by widening the asphalt path to 4 feet wide. Provide a 4 foot wide gate to accommodate all handicap situations. Provide handicap areas next to a few benches.
  3. Consider donating two trees to be planted on the south side of the playground.
  4. For new park benches, include a cut out inscription on the backrest to read “SQUANTUM” in bold letters. The color of choice for benches is black.

Committee members
Dave Blaton (Chair), Moi Blaton, Anthony Crossey, Valerie Cullen (Treasurer), Mary Grace Donaghue, John Hughes, Lorraine Hughes, Karina Joyce, Stacy Kabat, Steve Kolander, Stacey Lemay, Hope MacIsaac, Paddy O’Conner, Sinead O’Conner, Eric Smith, Torrey Smith, Nick Wilson

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