Take a trip down memory lane on the Squantum History Tour, June 6

Squantum History Tour June 6

Saturday, June 6, 2015
11 AM tour (meet at 10:45 AM)
1 PM tour (meet at 12:45 PM)
Departs from the Nickerson Post, 20 Moon Island Road, Squantum, MA
Rain or shine

What a glorious weekend! Such a treat to see the flowers blossoming and neighbors out enjoying a walk around the neighborhood after our winter. As we embrace these warmer days, the Squantum Community Association invites you to join us for a guided tour of historic spots around our peninsula. We’re running two identical tours at 11 AM and 1 PM.

A rich history
Our seaside community is chock full of wonderful historic sites that hearken back to some fascinating characters and lively times. Squantumite Glen Buscher has assembled a guided tour of spots highlighting the inns and homes that once provided a summer escape for day-trippers and Boston families who arrived by steamboat and travelled by trolley to our beautiful seaside peninsula in the 1700-1900s. As we take this trip down memory lane, Squantum’s street names will come to life as we revisit the spots where one-time Squantumites took respite, including entertainer Lotta Crabtree and Captain James Huckins.

Thanks to the generosity of one of our neighbors, we’ll have a van and bus and can give a lift to up to 35 people for each of the tours.

Email us or text or call Louise at 617-851-1673

About Squantum Community Association
The Squantum Community Association provides programming that fosters conversation and community with a focus on topics of interest to the Squantum and Quincy communities, highlighting local talent and history. To subscribe to event notifications send us a note.

Lotta Crabtree

Lotta Crabtree

Allen's Store at Nickerson Beach

Allen’s Store at Nickerson Beach


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