See you at A Squantumite Story Hour!

Squantum school childrenWednesday, March 13, 7pm
First Church of Squantum, 164 Bellevue Street, Squantum
Free event. Bring a friend!

Please join us to hear stories of humor, peril, tremendous joy, ardent belief, longtime friendships, and simple pleasures in the seaside community of Squantum, a neighborhood of Quincy, Massachusetts.

Together we will remember a time when Huckins Avenue was a tree-lined road nestled between open fields, when neighbors caught up at the beloved corner store, or waited together in war time ration lines, spent lazy summer days on the beach, or raced boats across Quincy Bay. And who doesn’t have a great story about that cherished Squantum tradition, the Fourth of July parade?

Come hear a few great stories, and share a few of your own over refreshments.

Storytellers will include Ralph Ames, Sr., Marie Clark, Pat Duggan, Mary LaFlamme, Maureen Mazrimus, Jim and Sandi Sumner, Bob Sealund, Jack Westerbeke, and Ruth Ann Wetherby. The evening will be moderated by Bill Geary, Squantum resident and chairman of the City of Quincy Planning Board.

About Squantum Community Association
The Squantum Community Association provides programming that fosters conversation and community with a focus on topics of interest to the Squantum and Quincy communities, highlighting local talent and history.

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3 thoughts on “See you at A Squantumite Story Hour!

  1. Wsh we could be there for what sounds to be a wonderful night.
    Keep us informed of all future evenings and thank you for all your work on the community of Squantum

    • Thanks, Carol! It was a great night of funny and touching stories shared by some wonderful Squantumites. We’re planning to air the stories on QATV, along with some segments that were too long for the event tonight. We’ll be sure to let everyone know when it is airing. And hoping to get some videos posted online at some point, too.

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