Drop off your hazardous waste at the DPW Oct 7

Pack up your household hazardous waste and head over to the Fall DPW drop-off day for Quincy residents. Head over early as the line often wraps around Sea Street onto Southern Artery. Proof of residency is required (driver’s license or tax bill).

This year the event will also feature paper shredding provided by Bay State.

Saturday, October 7, 2017, 7:30–11 AM
Department of Public Works (DPW)
55 Sea Street (rear of building), Quincy, MA

The City of Quincy provides this free service to assist residents in the proper disposal of hazardous waste and to protect our environment.

What can you drop off?

Some of the eligible items for disposal are oil and latex based paints, thinners, strippers, oils and varnishes, all household cleaners including drain and plumbing cleaners, automotive fluids including oil and gasoline, chemical fertilizers and insecticides, polishes, ni-cad and lithium batteries, roofing tar and driveway sealants.

When gathering products for the drop-off event leave materials in original containers and tighten all caps and lids. Sort and pack items separately in sturdy upright boxes. Never mix chemicals.  Pack your car the morning of the event and drive directly to the DPW. Do not smoke while handling hazardous material and do not bring children in the car with you.

Items not accepted at the hazardous materials drop-off day are latex paint, tires, ammunition, fireworks and explosives, commercial/industrial/biological waste, prescription medicine and radioactive waste.

For a complete list of what to bring, how to bring it, and what not to bring,
visit the DPW site. For more information call 617-376-7556.

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