Donate to Marathon Daffodils and bolster the spirit along the Marathon route

Boston Strong Marathon DaffodilsThe Seaside Gardeners of Squantum let us know about this wonderful opportunity to honor the spirit of the Boston Marathon and Boston Strong by donating to Marathon Daffodils.

As fall is knocking on our door, many gardeners are thinking about spring, and considering what bulbs to plant now for those beautiful spring blooms. And in Boston, the arrival of spring brings to mind the Boston Marathon. Some thoughtful gardening folks have a wonderful wish…they would like to plant a river of yellow daffodils along the Boston Marathon route to celebrate the arrival of spring 2014 and to honor the spirit of Boston Strong. “We want to do something to lift the spirits of the community, in support of Boston Marathon 2014 and Boston Strong,” said Diane Valle, volunteer and organizer.

To make this wish a reality, The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts (GCFM) is collaborating with Tower Hill Botanic Garden, the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, Charles River Conservancy and other groups to create “Marathon Daffodils” a planting of daffodils along the 26.5 mile Boston Marathon route. The goal is to raise $1,000 per mile for a total of $26,500 from Hopkinton to Boston. The GCFM, of which the Seaside Gardeners are members, will organize volunteers to plant the bulbs along the route beginning in October.

How to donate
If you would like to support this project, make your check payable to “Marathon Daffodils” and send it by October 1 to:
Marathon Daffodils, The Cooperative Bank, 201 Main Street, Charlestown, MA 02129.

About Marathon Daffodils
Marathon Daffodils is a collaboration of non-profit organizations, gardeners, cities and towns, businesses, and citizens interested in preserving the spirit of Boston Marathon and Boston Strong, while embracing the tradition of celebrating the arrival of Spring in Boston.

Many thanks to Sandi for letting us know about this great opportunity!

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