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Squantum Scoop is created by Erin Glennon and Monica Lee in collaboration with the Squantum Community Association.

8 thoughts on “Contact Us!

  1. I am looking for some information on the ice rink that used to be out on Squantum. I played there in the mid to late 1970s with various youth and high school hockey teams. I have some inkling that it may have been part of the old Jordan Marsh Warehouse complex, either wholly or partially re-purposed during the Orr hockey boom, when rinks were going up everywhere. It was very “warehouse-like” inside — not like a purpose-built hockey rink. My questions, then, are: 1) Was it in fact one of the JM buildings (which I gather stood where Boston Sci now sprawls?) 2) If not there, then what was the location? 3) Does anybody have any information / history on its ownership, any period photos, recollections? Thanking you in advance for any scraps I can get my hands on.

    • I remember it was part of the Boston Harbor Marina hanger. Great rink, with tennis courts, too. Eventually, converted into a Country & Western bar.

      • Tom: Thanks for the reply to my question. Another question: Is the country and western bar building still standing, or did the whole thing end up getting knocked down (most likely as part of the Marina Bay complex)? Thanks

  2. Hello Squantum Community, My husband and I are currently staying in Squantum for the summer of 2014 and are anxiously looking for another place to call home for Summer 2015. If you know of someone that may go away for the summer and would like to receive some rent for their home in Squantum, let us know. I know the pipeline in Squantum is vast and keeping our fingers crossed that something will be available ( June – October 2015). Thanks

  3. Is there any specific day (Spring, Fall or both) where you conduct a volunteer clean-up campaign along the Causeway(E.Squantum st). Although I live in Marina Bay, I walk along there as far down as the beach and notice a lot of litter in the dry area of the marsh and along the walkway.If you plan such a clean-up, please notify me? Also, is there any plan by the city to pave the road and construct a new side walk on the unpaved portion?


    • Hi Kevin,
      Thanks for your note. I’ll check with the Seaside Gardeners to see if there are any clean up days planned. We have often received notices from community groups who plan clean up days along the beaches of Squantum. I haven’t heard of one recently.


    • Hi Kevin – This Saturday, May 3 is Cleaner Greener Quincy Day, and neighbors and Quincy employees will be on the Causeway and at other spots around the city cleaning up. Anyone can join. The city provides gloves and rakes and such. Check out the news post for details.

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