Join us at a Squantumite meet and mingle

I Heart SQU (by Monica Lee / SCA)As we head into the holiday season, please join us for a neighbor’s night out! Meet and mingle at an informal gathering, enjoy some light refreshments, and celebrate great neighbors and our beautiful seaside community.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014 at 7 pm
First Church of Squantum
164 Bellevue Road, Squantum, MA

Discover a new neighbor or group
We’ve invited several Squantumites with memorable interests and hobbies to share mini stories and updates about groups and activities happening in our neighborhood. We’ll hear from youth group leaders, activity group hosts, and some fabulous volunteers who gather and energize our neighbors to care for our unique community.

  • Give a pat on the back to members of the Playground Renovation Committee for their fabulous dedication to making a safer play area for the children of Squantum
  • Meet the woman who advocated to make Squaw Rock a part of Quincy, and high-five the volunteers who recently organized a clean up of the area
  • Learn from a neighbor who has a weather station in Squantum!
  • Hear from Julie and Brendan of the Academy of Irish Dance
  • Give a holler to the Squantum Storm coaches
  • and discover and meet folks from many more groups at this informal gathering.

Share your group information
We’d love to hear from you, too! Do you host a community group or activity in Squantum? Come along and let your neighbors know how to participate or join.

We hope to see you there!

About the Squantum Community Association
The Squantum Community Association provides programming that fosters conversation and community with a focus on topics of interest to the Squantum and Quincy communities, highlighting local talent and history.
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I heart Squantum

Watch “A Squantumite Story Hour” on QATV-8

Squantum school childrenA Squantumite Story Hour
airs Wednesday, October 8 at 8pm
QATV Channel 8  (visit the schedule for other air times)

Additional broadcast times:
Saturday, October 11 at 6:30pm
Sunday, October 12 at 3:00pm
Monday, October 13 at 12:00pm

Tune in to QATV Channel 8 to hear long-time Squantumites share stories of humor, peril, tremendous joy, ardent belief, longtime friendships, and simple pleasures in our seaside community of Squantum.

Take a walk down memory lane and remember a time when Huckins Avenue was a tree-lined road nestled between open fields, when neighbors caught up at the beloved corner store, or waited together in war time ration lines, spent lazy summer days on the beach, or raced boats across Quincy Bay. And who doesn’t have a great story about that cherished Squantum tradition, the Fourth of July parade?

Hear some great stories by our Squantum Storytellers: Ralph Ames, Sr., Marie Clark, Pat Duggan, Mary LaFlamme, Maureen Mazrimus, Jim and Sandi Sumner, Bob Sealund, Jack Westerbeke, and Ruth Ann Wetherby. The evening is moderated by Bill Geary, Squantum resident and chairman of the City of Quincy Planning Board.

About Squantum Community Association
This is a recording of an event hosted by the Squantum Community Association. The SCA provides programming that fosters conversation and community with a focus on topics of interest to the Squantum and Quincy communities, highlighting local talent and history.

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First time marchers…the Scoop on Squantum’s Fourth!

Squantum Scoop (Photo: Monica Lee)

Monica Lee and Louise Grabowski

After years of cheering on and photographing the fantabulous Squantum Fourth of July Parade, the Squantum Scoop got an inside glimpse with our first parade as marchers. We stepped out with the dancers, costumed creatures, and lawn chair brigaders for the 105th marching of the parade. As always, Squantumites showed your spirit decked out in reds, whites, and blues along the parade route. We had a blast!

Big kudos to the amazingly organized Parade Committee! With big smiles they queued up the neighborhood floats, bands, and festooned kiddies, and set us on our way through the crowd-lined streets of Squantum. Loved seeing the entire peninsula decked out in flags this year! Thanks to all of the neighbors who contributed flags, and to Jim Stamos for organizing the flag effort.

And we have you sun dancers to thank for holding off those deluges until after the parade.
Just a few drops to keep us cool before we stepped off on our march around our
spirited peninsula.

Photo gallery
Visit the July Fourth parade gallery for a marchers view of the parade. Lots of pics of all you Squantumites in your July Fourth finest.

Squantum Scoop (Photo: Monica Lee)

We won’t let a little rain stop us


Seaside Gardeners (Photo: Monica Lee)Parade watchers (Photo: Monica Lee)(Photo: Monica Lee)

The Beatles…big fan? or what’s the fuss? Join us March 26 to explore!

The BeatlesFifty years ago the Fab Four arrived in the U.S. and exploded across the rock scene winning hearts and teenage souls with a new sound that remains as beloved today as it was embraced then.

What makes the music of the Beatles so great?

In this interactive presentation, Squantum resident and Wheaton College music professor Delvyn Case will explore the inner workings of some of the Fab Four’s greatest songs in order to describe why and how they have remained classics for 50 years. No musical experience or undying fandom necessary to attend.

When: Wednesday, March 26, 2014 at 7 pm
Where: First Church of Squantum, 164 Bellevue Road, Squantum, MA

All are invited! Bring friends.
Enjoy refreshments and conversation with your neighbors.
No charge to attend.

About the speaker
Musician and Wheaton College music professor Delvyn Case maintains an active career as a writer and lecturer on a variety of musical topics, from sacred music to hip-hop, and pursues numerous musical outreach projects in Quincy and beyond.

About the Squantum Community Association
The Squantum Community Association provides programming that fosters conversation and community with a focus on topics of interest to the Squantum and Quincy communities, highlighting local talent and history.
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The Beatles